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Nick's Meat Depot

1028 Amboy Ave

Edison, NJ 08837


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"Sure, you can find cheaper, but you  

             WILL NOT find better!!!"


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Meat Our Butchers
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Nick's Meat Depot is your ideal place if you’re looking for QUALITY. 

Our mission is to bring quality to your table.

Here’s what to expect from NICKS!

-Bringing you 1 on 1 service with expert knowledge for any meal your looking to serve your family & friends

- Provide you with FRESH, QUALITY meats that you will not find in local supermarkets.

- Homemade sausages & burgers made with pride & passion knowing that in our product you will taste the difference

- Fair pricing... we WILL NOT lower our quality for a cheaper price. But WE WILL put a fair price on top quality.


So Stop on in and MEAT OUR BUTCHERS!

We will be waiting to MEAT you!  

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"The meat we've bought from you is FAR superior to most. Even Omaha Steaks can't hold a candle to the freshness of yours. My hubby is a BIG fan. See you soon!"
Jennifer, Edison

— Name, Title

“Customer service is awesome. I highly recommend the meat quality is the same cuts like an expensive meat restaurant.”

Carmen, Milltown 

“Let's start with a good personality, then add to that quality product and finally at a fair price, what do you have?
Nick's Meat Depot! See you real soon to load up again!"

Jonathan, Edison

"I still remember walking in when you first opened!!! Not only were you very welcoming and offered wonderful service!!! I will never go to another meat market/supermarket again! You treat your customers like family and the best part is the quality of your meat sausage and poultry is outstanding!!!!"
Johanna, Edison,

"Your Ribs, Steaks and Burgers were excellent. The visual advantage is apparent 25% meatier, beautiful pink Ribs smoked to perfection. Thanks again for the great personal service and great meat."
Neil, Metuchen 

"The service is great and the quality is superb! You will not be disappointed in any meat items you purchase feel like family when I am there."
Sue, Howell 

"Just had the Kobe Burgers.... fanfriggintastik!!!!!"
Kat, Woodbridge

"Grabbed a cowboy cut ribeye from you guys Sunday afternoon ...hands down the greatest steak I've ever
eaten ..let alone made I'll be back gents!"

James, North Brunswick




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1028 Amboy ave

Edison, NJ 08837

Store hours:

Monday - Friday 8Am-6Pm

Saturday 8am-5pm


Sunday- Seasonal***

(please call for details)



"Awesome cuts!!!!"  

Jeffery, Highland Park

“I bought some NY strip steaks for dinner tonight. Very good! Support the small businesses.”
Dani, Edison  

"Without a doubt the flank steak pinwheels (with spinach and mozz) are the best things I ever tasted!  

Everything is so amazing, it's always worth the trip to visit Nick's!"

Diane, Cranford


"The lamb chops and Brooklyn Pastrami are the best, they have great steaks & everything else. Also love the great service, he's really good! The bone rib-eyes were delicious, they melt in your mouth."
Clarissa, Edison

"Nicks Meat Depot's meats are fab and he carries the BEST and biggest chicken wings everrrr!"
Stacey, Edison

"We just had the most amazing aged T-Bones with our signature bouillon vidalia onions.

Best steak we have ever grilled!"
Mary Ellen, New Brunswick

"I had gotten a beef roast from Nick's when we were going on vacation, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Melany, Woodbridge

"For the life of me don't understand why anyone would ever shop anywhere else?!?

I nearly cried when I saw how beautiful these Rib Eyes were!!!"
Mark, Edison

"The Skirt Steaks rocked last night!"
Craig, North Brunswick


"Best meats and service!"

Jamie, East Brunswick

“I got some bacon, rib eye and NY strip steak, they were so good juicy and tasty!  I highly recommend,

the meat quality is the same cuts like an expensive meat restaurant.”
Carmen, Milltown NJ 


"Absolutely love Nick's - he made me chicken & beef kabobs for a Memorial Day BBQ and they were a hit!"
Amanda, Edison

"The short rib burgers are hands down the most delicious ones we've ever tasted!"
Patricia, Woodbridge

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